Off and running

It feels good doesn’t it.

All the frustrations of the first few weeks blown away by today’s excellent second half effort.  Four quality goals, a great all round team performance with several star performances.  Roll on Saturday – but Ramsgate won’t be easy and we will need to battle just as hard, and then some.

Great to see Callum Martin finally start a first team game.  He can only get better and better.  He has had so much bad luck with injuries – he has hardly played in three years and I reckon it could be the first time both Martin brothers have started in the first team. Hopefully the first time of many.

The crowd of 371 was reasonable.  To be honest we are probably missing a few off due to the children coming in with passes – we must start getting an accurate picture of how many kids are coming in.  We need to build on this, I’d like to see regular 400 plus crowds and if the football remains this good then hopefully it will grow further.

I’ve read on some opposing team message boards that we have looked poor and likely candidates for relegation.  I disagree emphatically with that view.  Our team is getting better and better, the talent we have is very exciting and whilst it is still a very young team if they can continue to give such mature performances then we will do well.

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