Not many spaces left to fill

Tracey Jones has been doing a great job filling up the matchball donor and kit sponsor grid.  Looking at it earlier I can report there are the only two games left without a matchball donor – the Margate and Heybridge games in March.  At £70 it’s a snip so please see Tracey, or any club official on Saturday, or post a comment on the blog if you would like to donate the matchball for one of these games.

Several of the games have been sponsored as well.  We are grateful to Dominic Whyley who is sponsoring Saturday’s FA Cup game.  Dom sponsored several of the games during last season’s cup run so we hope that will be a good omen.

Similarly most of the kit grid spaces have been taken.  The only players in the squad not sponsored are Kieron Forbes, Callum Martin, Graham Montgomery (impressed playing for Yeovil reserves the other night), Mark Boyce who is coming back from injury, Gary Burrell, John Sonuga, Derek Quaye and Luke Woods.

Mention of Callum, and the sad news that no sooner is he back but he is signed off for another three months.  Both Carl and Callum played so much football when they were youth players that their bodies suffered.  Last year a visit to the chiropracter put Carl’s back right and touch wood he should be less susceptible to injuries now.  Callum needed similar treatment followed by 3 months rest so will we hope that after this break he will find his fitness and we can finally begin to see the player we all hope is there.

Someone must still want to sponsor his kit though?

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