Just back from Bedford, and as the title says I’m gutted.

And you know it is not the money, it is not the potential of a match against AFC Wimbledon – it is simply losing a football match, one in which we have played our opposition off the park – for the second game running – and yet can’t score a decisive goal.

Losing on penalties obviously hurts.  That said, I am proud of our players tonight, they played their hearts out and they will feel as bad as any supporter tonight.  It is important that they react in the right way and take it out on Hendon on Saturday.

I realised a long time ago no team has a divine right to win any football match.  Whether you are better or not.  We do not budget for cup success – it is a bonus – albeit a bonus you are desperately keen to get.

We all know what we need, and where we are lacking.  It is easy to say bring a striker in, but it is another thing bringing someone in who will improve us on a wage we can afford.  Those strikers that are available are either available for silly money or are no better than what we have. We won’t give up though.

I’m gutted, I’m sure we all are – but there is always another day in football, and we have to make sure that the next day is ours.

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