What is happening at Hendon?

At our match at Hendon last Saturday we were told that it might have been their last game at Claremont Road.  But it seems the key word here is ‘might’.  They also told us how the Supporters Trust was due to officially take over the running of the club, which seems like really positive news, though they were not able to confirm that they would definitely be moving to Wembley.

I try and listen to the BBC Radio Non League show now you can get it as a podcast.  It has become an interesting programme – some of the time – lots of in jokes though.  I found their coverage of the Hendon story very interesting.  Caroline Barker kept referring to a source “unconnected with the Club” who was confirming that they were leaving Claremont Road.  They had no one on from the Club to comment – I found all this very strange that without a named source they could put so much store in some anonymous person’s comment.  Hendon’s Greensnet website has no news and the last post on the Hendon Trust website appears to be early August – so something doesn’t seem to add up.

Perhaps our game will be the last at Claremont Road.  It wasn’t like the last match at Lower Mead for emotion.  There was though a real sense of a club struggling – we have offered them any support we can, after all we know the uncertainties they may be about to face.

Whatever happens, it is a great shame to see Claremont Road go the way of the White Lion ground.  Barnet Council and Harrow Council do not appear to value local football and this makes life far more difficult for local Clubs than it might otherwise do.

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