Should I read or ignore

Someone told me when I took the Chairman’s role that I should ignore the fans forum.

I quite enjoy reading it.  I don’t contribute (that’s why I have the blog) but there are some good ideas and some less than good ideas! I do struggle though with the anonymity aspect, it is very easy to criticise when no one knows who you are.

I said when I took the role on that I wanted the club to communicate well as a matter of principle.  Recently I haven’t been able to comment so much on the blog, partly because of non football pressures and partly because having written this blog for 18 months, over 200 posts and 43,000 views it can be difficult to keep coming back and posting.  Do you want it to continue?  Usually I get good feedback from many supporters so please let me know if you want me to keep this going and I will try.

I am keen that we do a ‘meet the manager/chairman’ evening during October.  Those not happy with GB can then have the opportunity to ask him (and me) the difficult questions about where we are and what our plans are.  Look out for the date.

We continue to look to strengthen the squad where we can – but there is no point bringing players in who will not improve what we have.  We have enquired about so many strikers recently and the continue to draw a blank.  We asked about a player coming out of the Blue Square Premier who ended up signing for an Essex club in the division below us but were told he had been offered over 4 times what our best paid player is on.  Crazy – if it is true.

Hopefully some good news in the coming days but no promises – watch this space or the club website.

8 thoughts on “Should I read or ignore”

  1. Hi H – Definately try to continue with the blog – it is an important means of communication from the top and I think that most would accept that you cannot update as regularly as you would like – just post when you can.

  2. I am a new fan of Wealdstone. Started at the back end of last season and have been to a lot of this season’s games (home and away) already.

    As someone who grew disillusioned with Watford FC and league football in general, I welcome the chance to read your thoughts, get information and hear developments. Its something that is sadly lacking from clubs higher up.

    So, for what its worth, I enjoy reading your blog and I would like it to continue…

  3. Yes Howard, please continue to communicate with us fans through your blog whenever you can spare the time. I am always interested to read what you have to say and congratulate you on doing this. I believe you are the first Wealdstone chairman to communicate with us via this method and I wonder if there are any other chairmen of Ryman League clubs who do this also. I very much doubt it.

    Your plans for a Manager/Chairman meeting with our supporters during this month is a very good idea. Perhaps those who keep criticising the Board and Gordon will have the guts to attend the meeting and put their points directly to those concerned. I know Gordon is doing his best to strengthen the team but isn’t he fighting a losing battle when other clubs can afford to pay players much higher salaries than our budget will allow.

    Let’s hope Gordon has some success in the near future in his search for another striker. We haven’t had the best of luck so far with three of our four main strikers being out through injuries and suspension. I don’t suppose many other clubs would find goal scoring easy if they were in a similar position.

  4. Howard
    Definitely continue with the blog. It’s honest thoughts and I am sure most supporters appreciate your views. I do enjoy reading them.
    The meeting with the manger is a good idea and I trust that those who criticise (often anonymously) will air their views/concerns in public for the benefit of the club.

  5. Howie, keep on blogging! Always informative and candid. Let Wobs deal with the forum – he bites more readily than when faced with a bag of chips.

  6. Howard,

    I echo the comments already posted. Please keep up the blog it is an interesting read on the background of the club.

    I look forward to attending a managers evening as Peter Worby has made some interesting replies to my posts on the Forum and it would be good to hear Gordon’s frustrations in more detail and from the horses mouth as it were.

  7. Carry on blogging ! As a “long distance” supporter, I really appreciate this communication. I don’t read forums. Thanks

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