A professional performance

A welcome win on Saturday at Margate and, I thought, a professional and disciplined performance.  Standing behind the goal first half, shielded by the clubhouse we had no idea how strong the wind was and consequently why Margate were so on top.  But we defended well, dominated the second half and were good value for the three points.

I thought Chris O’Leary was immense and back to the form we haven’t really seen for a couple of years, popping up all over the park to win the ball and set up play.  Chris’ reaction to going on the transfer list and his determination to get his place back in the team has been first class and a lesson to anyone.

In the last week Gordon, Peter Worby and myself have been looking at the budget and our expectations for the coming weeks.  As with most other clubs at the moment we will have some tough decisions to take.  I hope people will come to the session Gordon and I are having after the WFC Supporters Club AGM next Monday to find out more.

However, in the short term another busy week ahead, including a big game against Staines tomorrow night.  See you there.


Another kick in the nuts

We were excited last night.

We thought we had agreed to sign a new striker, someone who would have a good signing for us and someone who would have complimented what we currently have.

The player had Championship experience, pace and a good reputation and we made him what was a good offer (for us) which the player accepted.

Then, just as suddenly, he disappeared.  And after many phone calls, a third party got back to Gordon and confirmed the player signed instead for Croydon Athletic (yes Croydon Athletic the team we beat last week who are bottom of the league below) for a wage 50% more than we were offering.  Ouch.

I must thank Jeremy Albert particularly for all his help in speaking to several supporters who were prepared to commit to support this signing – I’m sorry another one hasn’t worked out.  I’m afraid it is back to the drawing board.


In response to the two comments made so far, perhaps Croydon Athletic are about to announce a new signing.  We have been told that the player was not coming to us because he is going to Croydon Athletic.  It is not Ryan Dawkins.


I’ve heard today that the player has not signed for Croydon, as other late offers came in for him (including from a Blue Square Prem Club).  To date he has not signed for anyone, so watch this space I guess.

Back in the saddle

I see on the WFC Forum that someone is asking why I haven’t posted for a week or so, and Roy Couch asked me the same question this evening.

Truth is I’ve had a major family event over the last weekend which meant not only that I missed the Croydon Athletic game but that my focus has been away from the club.  As much as we may like to life can’t be Wealdstone 24/7.

Anyway that is past now and I was pleased to see most of the friendly tonight.  We drew 1-1 against a strong Aylesbury side in a game where, particularly second half, the young Aylesbury keeper made a series of outstanding saves.  Our reserve keeper Sam Leggett also played 45 minutes and did very well.  Our goal was scored by a French player whose name (I think) is Alioun Fall.  He scored a hat trick for the reserves on Saturday and again tonight.

After the game Peter Worby and myself met with Gordon to assess where everything is at present and you can find out more about what we discussed at the Supporters AGM on 3 November.  Hopefully by then we will have a couple more good results behind us – Saturday is a big game at Margate but I don’t believe there is any reason why we shouldn’t be confident of a good performance and hopefully a good result to go with.

To boo or not to boo?

One of the postscripts from yesterday’s England match has been the reaction of the FA and others to the booing of Ashley Cole.  It made me think again about the whole issue of supporter reaction during matches.

I do accept that people have every right to say or do what they like (within legal limits) if they are not satisfied during a match.  I also happen to think that Ashley Cole is an example of most of what is wrong in the game these days, be it his ‘autobiography‘ (why do players with several years left in their careers feel the need to write their life stories – maybe they don’t have enough money?), the way he went about leaving Arsenal to get a move to Chelsea or that fantastic display of petulance when he turned his back on referee Mike Riley after his shocking tackle against Spurs last season.

Be that as it may.  He is a decent left back and probably consistently the best English player in that position since Stuart Pearce.

So he makes an error – a shocking error – but does that mean supporters should boo him?  I can’t see that during the game it can do him or the team any good at all.  How would any of us like it at work if we made a mistake, a big mistake, and all our clients or customers booed us?  Why is football any different?

Now in our case – and I’ve got to be careful about what I say because even when I don’t say it some want to accuse me of blaming our fans – I can only believe that getting behind the team and cheering/encouraging them particularly when they are not playing well is the most crucial role that a supporter can play during a game and we all used to be so good at it.  Staying quiet, criticising your own players or booing surely only benefits the opposing team.

By all means people can (and should) vent their feelings after the final whistle or subsequently on message boards and in the bar but please not during the game.  After all we all want the same end result, don’t we?

Oh for an in form striker

If Ben or Gavin had had their shooting boots on yesterday we would have won in a cantor.

It is frustrating, an excellent performance against a Carshalton team who have the best away record in the league but an inability to put away one of those countless chances cost us two points.

We continue to look to strengthen the forward line but it isn’t easy to find someone who can add to what we have and that we can afford or who wants to come.  We will keep trying.  Though we are not alone, I read in the Non League paper today that St Albans can’t find a striker and we know that many clubs are looking for someone, a decent striker is clearly very hard to come by at present.  Mind you if you thought our misses were bad, take a look at Chris Iwelumo’s for Scotland against Norway.

The league position and the run of form are deeply frustrating.  But we have to stay positive.  The performance against Hornchurch was much better and we didn’t deserve to lose and yesterday was another step forward.  If we play as we did yesterday in most games we won’t be down the bottom of the league for too long.  But it is easy to write that and the consistency we all want to see will only come if we continue to believe and work hard and it all starts again on Tuesday night at home to Canvey.  Hope to see you all there.

A season of struggle?

Just back from Harlow.  Another disappointing day.

Disappointing on several fronts – obviously the result.  I felt we matched Harlow in a game of few chances for either side, but they took theirs in the first half and we couldn’t take ours.  As for the penalty – a shocking decision in my book and that was game over even though we did contrive to miss two sitters which would have set up a good finish.

So here we go again, another season of struggle ahead – perhaps – perhaps not and the board and the management team will work twice as hard to avoid it.

What is disappointing is the talent is definitely there but the performances are not at present.  Confidence seems to drain out of the team so quickly.  Perhaps this is a function of such a young side.

Some players are not performing as we expect and to be fair as they would expect.  We need this to change.  I am not going to discuss the performances of individual players on here but it is clear who is not performing to their potential.

The manager and coaching staff know what is required – we need something to change for us.

Having said I don’t want to discuss individual players i feel I must raise the incident with David Hicks today.  i saw what happened when he was substituted and how he reacted and I think quite a few people have a decision to make now.

For the supporters who are seeing Hicksy as this years Lee O’Leary or Gavin Bamford and have determined to get on his back – consider this.  He is a Wealdstone player and he is there to help us try to be successful.  I will NOT accept a repeat of the Bamford situation where supporters take it upon themselves to get a player out of the club and if that happens again then I for one don’t want to be chairman of club where anarchy rules.

For Hicksy the best way of answering those supporters is to start playing in the manner we know he can (and he knows he can).  Answer any critics with your feet and everyone will be better off.

Tuesday night will be a big night – for all of us.  As I have said many times we are all in this together – and every moment fighting internally is wasted time.  Let’s see what happens.

Keep the comments coming

Thanks to all six people who have commented on my previous post.  Must be some sort of record – please keep them coming.  All the other bloggers I know say the same thing, we never get enough comments and you never really know who is reading this – so I was delighted to get these.

I will keep posting on here.

Nick D has been sending out a number of press releases recently.  One of them was about progress at Prince Edward.  Please let me confirm that nothing has changed.  Part of going to Ruislip meant that we have more time to make a deal with Barnet and it also means that Prince Edward can open in phases without having to have the stadium up and running straight away.

This will take some time yet to sort, so it might go quiet again but when there is more news we’ll pass it on.

Hopefully some more player news soon as well.