A season of struggle?

Just back from Harlow.  Another disappointing day.

Disappointing on several fronts – obviously the result.  I felt we matched Harlow in a game of few chances for either side, but they took theirs in the first half and we couldn’t take ours.  As for the penalty – a shocking decision in my book and that was game over even though we did contrive to miss two sitters which would have set up a good finish.

So here we go again, another season of struggle ahead – perhaps – perhaps not and the board and the management team will work twice as hard to avoid it.

What is disappointing is the talent is definitely there but the performances are not at present.  Confidence seems to drain out of the team so quickly.  Perhaps this is a function of such a young side.

Some players are not performing as we expect and to be fair as they would expect.  We need this to change.  I am not going to discuss the performances of individual players on here but it is clear who is not performing to their potential.

The manager and coaching staff know what is required – we need something to change for us.

Having said I don’t want to discuss individual players i feel I must raise the incident with David Hicks today.  i saw what happened when he was substituted and how he reacted and I think quite a few people have a decision to make now.

For the supporters who are seeing Hicksy as this years Lee O’Leary or Gavin Bamford and have determined to get on his back – consider this.  He is a Wealdstone player and he is there to help us try to be successful.  I will NOT accept a repeat of the Bamford situation where supporters take it upon themselves to get a player out of the club and if that happens again then I for one don’t want to be chairman of club where anarchy rules.

For Hicksy the best way of answering those supporters is to start playing in the manner we know he can (and he knows he can).  Answer any critics with your feet and everyone will be better off.

Tuesday night will be a big night – for all of us.  As I have said many times we are all in this together – and every moment fighting internally is wasted time.  Let’s see what happens.

Published by: howie

Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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