Another kick in the nuts

We were excited last night.

We thought we had agreed to sign a new striker, someone who would have a good signing for us and someone who would have complimented what we currently have.

The player had Championship experience, pace and a good reputation and we made him what was a good offer (for us) which the player accepted.

Then, just as suddenly, he disappeared.  And after many phone calls, a third party got back to Gordon and confirmed the player signed instead for Croydon Athletic (yes Croydon Athletic the team we beat last week who are bottom of the league below) for a wage 50% more than we were offering.  Ouch.

I must thank Jeremy Albert particularly for all his help in speaking to several supporters who were prepared to commit to support this signing – I’m sorry another one hasn’t worked out.  I’m afraid it is back to the drawing board.


In response to the two comments made so far, perhaps Croydon Athletic are about to announce a new signing.  We have been told that the player was not coming to us because he is going to Croydon Athletic.  It is not Ryan Dawkins.


I’ve heard today that the player has not signed for Croydon, as other late offers came in for him (including from a Blue Square Prem Club).  To date he has not signed for anyone, so watch this space I guess.

2 thoughts on “Another kick in the nuts”

  1. Was it Ryan Dawkins? He signed for Dulwich tonight, ex Millwall striker apparently but don’t think he ever made a first team appearance. Dulwich released a midfielder who today signed for Croydon Athletic so might be some confusion.

  2. Croydon Athletic’s only signing was a young midfield player that was previousy in their youth set up but left to play at Dulwich and has now returned.
    Must have been as stone mentioned Ryan Dawkins, but I do not think he ever played in the league.

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