The sky’s the limit

Well it is always the temptation to look at our current form, five straight wins, the giddy heights of 9th place and say play-offs here we come.

Sitting on the coach on the journey back from Worthing yesterday after an excellent 2-0 win against Horsham I think Gilly got it just about right trotting out just about every football cliché he could think of.

And the reason they are clichés is that the statements are probably right.  We will “take each game as it comes”.  We won’t “look too far ahead” and we will continue to prepare for each game as professionally as we can and treat each opposing side with great respect.

Still part of being a fan is dreaming and it is nice to look at the league table for once with the knowledge that there are more clubs below you than above you.  But let’s remember we are not even halfway through our fixtures yet, we have played more games than several of the clubs around us and we have the toughest challenge of all on Saturday, runaway league leaders Dover Athletic, who Gordon saw lose only their second game of the season at Sutton on Tuesday night.

But let’s enjoy this run while we can, and hope we can continue to see some of the excellent flowing football, and superb performances from all parts of the team that we saw last night and over the past few weeks.

660 were at the game v Maidstone, and we are hoping for another good turnout between the top two in the form league in the Division at the Vale on Saturday.

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