Another frustrating day

I’m a bit fed up with opposition officials telling me how we didn’t deserve to lose.

A dodgy penalty, possible offside on their 2nd equaliser and a weak referee only too pleased to help out a floundering goalkeeper when disallowing a ‘goal’ for us.  But just as against Billericay, and against Canvey and against Ramsgate we have lost games we should have got something out of to late goals.  Very frustrating.

As for the crowd today, good support for the boys at times but a disappointment when some of our own fans complain to me about the language that others of our own supporters use.

I’m not going to get all self righteous and say people shouldn’t swear, we all do it, it is an emotional and passionate game – particularly one like we saw today and there were supporters from both sides whose language was over the top and at times unacceptable.  I cannot condone this.

When we are away from home however it is the responsibility of the home team to steward or police properly and it is very disappointing when stewards (or first team ‘officials’) provoke or inflame potentially volatile situations.

That said we will once again have to look at some of our upcoming home matches and consider whether we need to employ some professional stewards or police – with all that we are trying to do in building new support with the local community we need to be seen to be setting the right example.

There are some revealing comments on our fans forum this evening, particularly one from someone styling themselves simply as ‘Sutton’. I have said before, and I believe strongly, that senior club officers should not go on message boards, regardless of whether they can hide behind their cloak of anonymity.  I cannot prove who ‘Sutton’ is but I will say that I only spoke to one person at Sutton about what happened off the field, in the boardroom after the match and interestingly he also mentioned the game at Grosvenor Vale earlier in the season.  I am not going to name names  you work it out.

Anyway a week until the big local derby.  Until then, enjoy the festive period and see you next Saturday.

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