Sad news

We have been informed of the passing of Brian Goymer, Wealdstone goalkeeper in the Amateur Cup Final success in 1966.

Brian was also a Barnet legend and played in their Amateur Cup Final team in 1959 when they lost to Crook Town.

I hope there will be more about Brian and his career with the Stones in the next home programme, but we send our condolences and wishes to the family.

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One thought on “Sad news”

  1. Sad to hear of the passing of Brian Goymer. The Amateur Cup sucesss coincided with the start of my supporting the Stones, and Roger Slater’s book records that Brian was an integral part of the team, playing in four of the six ties including the final.
    Just like that other cup winning side of 1966, the names of the victorious side roll easily off the tongue, and Brian’s name is of course always first.

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