Our big transfer story

We’ve let David Hicks go out on loan to Chesham United for a month.  Hicksy needs to play regularly and we can’t guarantee that just now – hopefully he will come back firing on all cylinders and slot back in. I’ve no doubt that we’ve not seen the best of Hicksy on a week by week basis and I hope this loan spell will give him the games he needs.  It worked for Jermaine and Marvin amongst others and it doesn’t do our wage bill any harm for a month either.

I wanted to comment on the other ‘big’ transfer story of the week, Kaka’s possible move to Manchester City for a fee of over £100 million and unheard of wages. Reaction to the news has been the usual mix of shock, dismay and warnings over what this means for the future of the game.

But is it bad news?  Is it a surprise?  Should we be concerned.  A personal view is that this is no different to Blackburn under Jack Walker and Chelsea under Abramovich, in both cases an individual simply raising the stakes and being able to buy immediate success.  This simply takes things to another level in what is already a part of football that defies reality.  Already most Premier League Clubs need to be owned by foreign billionaires to compete – Sheikh Mansour just happens to be super rich by billionaire standards.

So I say a few things to say on this move

  1. good luck to Manchester City (it makes a change seeing new clubs challenge the ‘top 4’) and I hope the money brings the same success that other clubs have enjoyed in similar circumstances – but it will be a big job
  2. good luck to Mark Hughes, my own view is he won’t last too long there but I hope he does
  3. to the rest of the league – stop carping
  4. Kaka doesn’t need the money – he is already earning loads at AC Milan, but who can blame Milan, or his agents and father for accepting the sort of figures being reported
  5. Jermaine must be good enough to catch Mark Hughes’ eye – or Ancelotti at Milan as Kaka’s replacement…or is that going a step too far?
  6. This won’t make any difference to us in the Ryman Premier League

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