Does the transfer window matter to us?

…not really, other than keeping people interested in whether Jermaine was on his way or not.

I can see the good and bad about it and for a ‘selling’ club it must be a worrying time in so far as will all our good players go – but I can’t really see where that happened.  For others it is an opportunity to strengthen or tinker – or in Spurs’ case (and Harry loves a deal doesn’t he?) buying back nearly all the players they sold in the previous 12 months.  Should we expect to see Berbatov going back to Spurs in the summer?

Talking of Spurs’ transfers, one thing that interested me was that Robbie Keane apparently has dropped in value from over £20million in the summer to apparently only £12 million plus various add ons half a season later.  I know he has struggled at Liverpool but surely his value hasn’t dropped that much – or is that the credit crunch impacting in high football finance?

The only thing that really affected us during the transfer window was a technicality over whether or not we are going to sign Davis Haule given his contract status with Staines – but even here there are other ways of sorting out the future with Davis and as his loan spell continues for another couple of weeks we have not had to confirm one way or another just yet.

One final thought about transfers.  I was interested to read as a subtext to the Kaka – Manchester City stories how Robinho was roundly criticised for going to Manchester City for money, with the undertone being how we should be pleased owners can’t simply buy up all the best players to guarantee success, and that a player who can be described as ‘a  mercenary’ – in other words who plays for the highest bidder – should in some way be criticised and despised for his greed rather than his will to win.

So does that mean that players should only sign for clubs in the top 4 in England?  Or that new owners with big bank balances are really unwelcome?  Aren’t Manchester City simply doing what Abramovich has done at Chelsea, and Jack Walker at Blackburn previously in terms of trying to fast track success – only with an extra 0 on the price tag?

I don’t know if, at this late hour I am making any sense but it is always good to see the grand hypocrisy alive and kicking in the pro game – give me the Ryman Premier any day.

Forgive me but isn’t that what Chelsea did?  Isn’t that what

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