Another blank Saturday

Not altogether surprising and not our fault or the fault of the pitch at Ruislip.  But we are being hit hard by the weather this winter and it is costing us.

It costs us (and the social club) in terms of lost revenue (we would expect larger crowds on a Saturday than for the rearranged midweek games), it costs us in terms of losing the various Juniors/kids based activities that we have planned and it costs us in terms of keeping the momentum going on the pitch – especially after the past two exciting Saturdays.

The pitch will be tested over the coming weeks though – with the 1st team, reserves and U18s there are plenty of games that Fingers, Lesley and Alan Couch are all trying to get played.  At Christmas we were well up with our fixtures and whilst we are hardly the only club to be losing games at this time, we could do with the weather clearing up now.

I suppose another blank Saturday should keep wives/girlfriends (or husbands/boyfriends) happy at least.

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