Response from Staines

When I returned home tonight having been away since Wednesday morning there was a letter from Alan Boon, the Chairman of Staines Town FC, waiting for me.  I am grateful to Alan for the letter and as he has asked me to share the contents with our supporters, I have provided the salient points of  the letter below:

It reads as follows:

“Further to our recent discussions and following some postings on our website with respect to possible racial abuse as discussed I asked a member of our club Mr Bob Sherwood who is an Ex Policeman to give me a report on the so called incident.

I have to say that I tend to ignore most of the comments [on unofficial forums] as probably you do and was somewhat shocked at the accusations posted against your supporters.

After a full investigation I can confirm that there was absolutely NO substance in the accusation of racial abuse and I must apologise in no uncertain terms to your club and your supporters about the comment.

I have with the investigation located the forum posters and advised them at my anger that our club could be involved in these type of comments.

I would ask you to make your supporters aware of our clubs dismay at the postings and confirm to you that we will do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

On a side issue good luck with your efforts to reach the playoffs as I would suggest you are clearly one of the best teams we have played this season.”

So I am grateful to Alan for clearing this matter up.  Many people know my views on this whole episode and I am sure that both Alan and I would agree that there are many more important things going on at both clubs which we ought to be focusing on.

Anyhow, now, hopefully, we can put this to rest, and, when we play Staines again next month I hope all our supporters will show that we are there to support and protect the good name of Wealdstone FC in a positive way rather than seek any further action against Staines supporters.

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