Timing is everything

Forgive this slightly self-indulgent post but it is WFC related.

Together with my good wife we are having a weekend away next week (so will be missing the Carshalton game) and we have decided to go to Yorkshire for the weekend.

As this coincides with a Leeds United home game (v Cheltenham) I dropped Shaun Harvey the Leeds United CEO a line to see if I could take advantage of his offer of two tickets for a game when if I was ever up in that part of the world.  My letter went off on Monday morning before we got to enjoy Jermaine’s double on Monday night’s live game.

Of course as most readers will know, Jermaine has also subsequently picked up a three match ban for an elbow in that match with the referee saying he actually gave a yellow card for the initial altercation with a defender.  So when Leeds’ response arrived confirming we would be guests in the Chairman’s Suite with lunch before the game and seats in the Directors Box (dress code jacket and tie – nothing new for me there then), there were mixed feelings given Jermaine won’t be playing.

Only mixed feelings mind.  I remain extremely impressed in all my dealings with Leeds, with their speed of response and apparent desire  to work with us on anything we have asked over the past few months.  We are talking to them about the friendly match we plan to play in the coming pre-season so I am looking forward to meeting some of the people we have been in contact with and enjoying their hospitality.

So rather than see Richard Jolly, I’ll hopefully still get to see Jermaine next week.  It’d be good to talk to him about life as a pro and his expectations etc. Maybe try to persuade him to come down and visit us some time.  But I’m certainly looking forward to the experience of being a guest of Ken Bates although the phone will be on to hear the hoped for good news from Colston Avenue.

And another line on timing I’m due to go to a Ryman League meeting next Thursday evening at Dartford FC (if no one goes we get fined) but this will now mean missing the rearranged Hampton game!

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