Missing games

It’s never easy to miss games.  No matter where you are or what you are doing your mind is always on whether we are playing well or not.

On Thursday night I had to miss the County Cup game to struggle round the M25 to attend a Ryman League meeting at Dartford FC.  Given the only goal in our game was scored late in the game the text messages were hardly buzzing through but at least a good end to the night.

The league meeting was interesting with lots of updates on various things the Ryman League are doing, over stuff like insurance, pitch maintenance, ground grading requirements, Ryman Youth League and the current economic situation.  Also we had a presentation from Ryman on what we are going to need to do to support Red Nose Day, which Ryman themselves are getting very involved in.

As well as things like bucket collections (Wobs may be getting a new red bucket) and press releases, we are also going to use special red footballs for the match v Heybridge on 14 March.  I think it is good the league make a stand to support the wider community – it is so easy to be wrapped up in our own issues – and it is true that Ryman have been an excellent sponsor so on the odd occasion they ask us to support them then we should be happy to help.  If you would like to raise some money for Red Nose Day and send it in through the Club please let me know.

I’ll be missing another game today.  I can tell you it is a beautiful morning up in Leeds and I’m looking forward to going to Elland Road to see them play Cheltenham Town.  Of course half an eye will be on my phone waiting for news from Carshalton and if there is any interesting Jermaine news I’ll post it later.

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