Well done WFCSC…and Barry Fry

A great evening last night.

The hall looked great, with over 120 people comfortably seated, the organisation was excellent – those Supporter’s Club guys are getting used to running these events.  The catering was good and well managed and Rob Nothman, who we are delighted to see has become a regular supporter this year, was as always totally professional in the way he MC’d the event.

Barry Fry was “different class”.  He shuffles about complaining of a dodgy knee, talks in a soft gravelly voice and told me he was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  However, whilst he was excellent company during the meal once he started speaking the passion and energy flooded out and the way he described his career was brilliantly delivered.

So many people worthy of a mention.  The Albert brothers, ably supported by the rest of the WFCSC committee, as last year, proving they are able to deliver a successful, well attended and enjoyable dinner.  It takes considerable work and worry but the results show the value of the effort they put in.

I wanted to mention Graham Smith for an extraordinary gesture that certainly made Barry Fry’s evening when Graham presented him with a copy of the programme of the 1960 Schoolboys international, England v Scotland, that Barry played in.

Paul Rumens has become Mr Memorobilia and the auction last night was very successful, with a Mark Barton inspired Ladbrokes table amongst those bidding.  A big thanks also to Les Aggio for not only donating back a picture of Pele he had won after the ‘Heads and Tails’ game but also then buying it in the subsequent auction.  Roger Slater tells me that Les actually then gave the picture to his brother Ray, both of whom were there last night – and both played under Barry Fry at Barnet in 1978/79.  Thanks also to Andrew Lane who donated two tickets with hospitality for a forthcoming Chelsea match which was bought by Dennis Byatt’s brother.

A really enjoyable night, and a success all round.  Hopefully the majority of people there will return for the Graham Taylor dinner on 23 April.

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