The big announcement

It’s not great news. The press release is here.

…and I hope it won’t come as a big shock because I have tried telling everyone this all season – we are running out of money – fast.

We’ve had a great season this year, we’ve more than established ourselves at our new home, we have made a positive impact on the community, on the Council, on the Ryman League, on the County FA and so on.  Attendances are up, more people than ever before are involved with the Club at all levels and we have enjoyed the best football we’ve seen for several years. We’ve tried to establish a commercial operation for the first time in years but this has clearly suffered given the external economic situation and we are now working hard to improve the way we can be successful commercially (more about that another time).

But this day was always going to arrive and now it is here.  Andrew Lane and I met with Gordon last night after the Reserves great Cup Final win and discussed what this all means and our forecast budget impact. We also told Gordon that we hope and expect the budget figure we are starting from will rise significantly – but we can only budget on facts not expectations and we will not put the club in a position where it cannot pay what it owes.

100:400 is our response.  Of course, some will (rightly) say “here we go back to the supporters”.  But let’s get this straight.  Sure we are asking people to contribute additional funds but many are already doing that because they wanted Gordon to have access to a striker (Davis Haule) and we hope these people will continue.

Ultimately we are a fans club and whilst we strive to get Ruislip turned around and into profit, while we work hard to try and be successful commercially we have to decide what we all want.  Do we want to give Gordon a chance to carry on with a group of players who we believe can be very successful for us or do we just accept the situation and play kids next year.

I do not expect any individual to contribute any more than they can afford or wish to.  I will not criticise any supporter who does not want to be part of this scheme because we do keep asking – but the continued progression of the Club is only due to our supporters/to us who keep stepping up to the plate when required.

Now is one of those times – if you can help please do.

I’ll be writing plenty more on this in the coming days and weeks and together with Nick Dugard and through the local papers we will be keeping everyone informed of our progress.  If you want to chat about this just get in touch.

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