100:400 passes major milestone

Great news – we are 50% of the way there towards the 100:400 target.

In other words pledges are past £20,000 thanks to the Supporters Club confirming a substantial weekly donation for next season.  The hard work now gets even harder, the first 50% should be the easiest but now we will double our efforts to double the total.  When we get past the £40,000 total we will need to work even harder to generate more money – remember this is directly related to what you will see on the pitch next season.

Terry Stern left a message on the blog last night about the best way to donate.  Two things to say, firstly for those that can get down to Ruislip tomorrow evening from 8.00pm we have a session where Gordon and some of the players will be “meeting the supporters”.  I will be there to answer any questions on this scheme as well (and to take any pledges – or money).

The second thing to say is that Barry advises me that the most tax efficient way for the club to receive this money is through a share purchase.  So if people (as many are) wish this money to be for shares then that is fine.  Teamdraw is another popular route, with the benefit that the more we get signed into Team Draw the more the prize money can rise.

Two weeks in from launching tomorrow and half way to the headline target – let’s keep it going.

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