Season over? Looking ahead

Ok so we fell at the penultimate hurdle, which was disappointing given that with better finishing we could have got something from the game, but what a great season the boys have given us – and there is much to look forward to.

I travelled on the coach yesterday and it is clear that as a group the players are very together, and that they love playing for Wealdstone FC.  So forgive me for harping on but I don’t want anyone to be under any misconceptions about next season.

It does come down to money.  For all the players love playing for the club they won’t do so for free, and nor should we expect them to do so.  We need to be in a position to agree satisfactory terms with them – and we will need to do that sooner rather than later.

100:400 has gone well but has stalled in the last week.  I am a little surprised that there wasn’t more of a positive reaction after the Harrow game but that’s as may be.  We have pledges covering two thirds of target but we need that other third (and more) – in the next few weeks if we can.

Gordon’s comments to Tim Parks and the subsequent follow up remarks on the Forum make the situation clear.

So if you have signed up, ask the person you stand with, or the friend you’ve known for years whether they are going to.  Don’t leave everything up to Jeremy or Nick D to sort.  We all want what we hope this money is going to buy – and if we acheive what we hope next season then I’m sure you will consider it money well spent.

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