Hollywood comes to Wealdstone

Great news

I am delighted that former Wealdstone player, and current Hollywood film star Vinnie Jones has agreed to spend a day helping the Club.

The date for your diary is 11 June and the plans are as follows:

During the day Vinnie will host a WFC Golf Day at the Stockley Park course with tickets priced at £65 each.  The ticket price includes breakfast on arrival, 18 holes of golf and then a meal at the end of the day together with the prize giving.  Vinnie has promised to play one hole with each 4 fourball so even if you might not normally come to a golf day, this is a unique opportunity to play golf with a real celebrity.

If nothing else, if you have some golfing clients then this should really impress them.  Vinnie Jones comes homeIncidentally Stockley Park are also one of our advertisers so we are pleased to support them as well.

After the golf Vinnie will be ‘hot-footing’ it over to Ruislip to take part in what we might best describe as a relaxed club evening.  Tickets for the evening are priced at £20 each and include a buffet.  We are hoping to sell a lot of tickets for this evening – so please buy yours quickly.

It goes without saying this is a rare opportunity, both to meet and talk to a real live A list celebrity and also to help raise money for the Club.

We are grateful to Vinnie (of course) and well done to Dennis Byatt for organsing the day.  It should be huge!

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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