Enjoying your holiday?

Have you ever wondered what goes on at the Club in late May?  Do we all go off on holiday?

Well, I thought I would try and list just some of the many things going on around the Club at present (there will no doubt be plenty that I’ll forget).  The pitch improvement work has started (Fingers reports that the first blades of grass are coming through) and you may have seen the calls to help with the various groundworks that kick off this Sunday – please come if you can, just like last year there is plenty to do.

Planning for the Vinnie Jones evening is going into overdrive (contact Leo Morris to get your ticket) and Mark Lloyd is busy planning the second Wealdstone Junior tournament taking place over the weekend of 4/5 July.  Discussions with players have already started ahead of next season and we are putting the finishing touches to our pre-season programme.

A mailing will shortly go out to remind season holders to renew and tomorrow night I am attending a meeting looking at improving our commercial efforts.  We are currently talking to Macron to organise our kit situation for next season and of course we are still doing everything we can to push 100:400.

So keeping busy then

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