Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

Quite a day yesterday, and working in Madrid as I was made it even more interesting with the phone buzzing with messages – thanks to everyone (including the Harrow Times) who helped keep me up to date.

So first things first, and before we get to Jermaine it was ironic that yesterday was the day we finally confirmed the Leeds friendly date as 21st July – little over 7 weeks away.  Plenty to do on this and plenty of blog postings to follow, no doubt.

I guess it will be interesting to see if Jermaine is playing for Leeds that night.  Yesterday’s announcement clearly might have big repercussions for us.  But as I have said whenever I am asked about this, whilst people can speculate about transfer fees and sell on clauses all they like it is really nothing to do with us and all we can do is watch the developing situation with interest.

I have blogged a few times about how well Leeds have treated us whenever we have dealt with them and we are excited to welcome them to Grosvenor Vale for the friendly.  I believe that the relationship between the clubs will continue to grow regardless of what happens to Jermaine over the summer.  I hope so – these relationships are worth a lot.

But let’s not hide it, should Jermaine move for decent money it will make a big difference to everyone at our Club…and it will bring a host of other issues to sort but that is another story for another time.

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