5th best in the country?

I went to the Cup Final on Saturday and entertained Ron Barnes our main sponsor from West One in what was a very enjoyable afternoon in what remains a great spectacle.  The excitement as you move away from Wembley Park station remains palpable.

A couple of thoughts about the Cup Final.  Did Everton have more than two attempts on goal? – for once I’d be interested in seeing one of those Sky TV charts that show how long the play is in each part of the pitch because not much of it was in the Chelsea half.

Everton were dour – and to me their approach was summed up in the 94th minute, when Chelsea won a corner.  Given there were only 4 minutes of injury time to be played it was reasonable to assume the final whistle was imminent. Trailing by one goal surely (for once) Everton needed to leave players upfield in the hope they could win the ball and get it forward.  But even then, in the dying seconds there appeared to be only two Everton players forward – one on the right wing.

Chelsea won comfortably.  And my biggest disappointment was that Everton are supposedly the fifth best team in the country.  The gulf between the top 4 and the rest is huge. Best league in the world?  For what?

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