Leeds update

Just a quick update on where we are with the Leeds game.

Fingers, and Gordon, both spoke to people at Leeds towards the end of last week.  They have assured us that they are aware of the terms of the contract and they will be sending a strong squad to our match on 21 July.  They said it may include a couple of younger players who will be involved in the first team squad next season but it will be a stronger squad than the one that plays Darlington on the same night. Let’s hope so.

Tickets will be priced at £12 (£6 for concessions) with the kick off at 7.45.

Last week Fingers met with the health and safety inspector from Hillingdon Council and we expect confirmation of the capacity this week.  Tickets are currently being printed and we expect to be able to take bookings through the website from some point this week (and also for the Watford game).

Peter Worby chaired a meeting with a number of people who will be helping with the many jobs that require doing on the night last week and no doubt there will be more to report from this as the game (only 5 weeks away) gets nearer.

We have started to receive enquiries from Leeds fans so far for tickets and also a company interested in sponsoring the game. The two key words over the next few weeks will be simply SELL TICKETS.

More news in due course.

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