Our best wishes to Boony

Last week we learnt the very sad news that Alan Boon, the popular Staines Town FC Chairman, had suffered a serious heart attack.

We immediately sent a note from everyone at Wealdstone wishing Alan a speedy recovery and sending our best wishes.  I can speak from personal experience and say Alan has always been a figure who one can look to for sage advice when it is needed.  He has acted thoroughly decently with us at all and any time that we have dealt with him, whether over the crowd issue or the transfer of Davis Haule (just in the last 12 months) and he is rightly held in very high esteem by everyone in the non league game.

Staines’ promotion probably meant more to Alan than anyone else at Wheatsheaf Lane, and the debt that the players and supporters of Staines feel can be seen here very clearly on the Staines message board.  It is noticeable how many players have posted and also that the feedback seems to be that these messages are having a positive impact on Alan’s state.

Tomorrow night Fingers and I will be at the Ryman League AGM.  Last night Peter and Pauline Worby represented us at the Ryman League Dinner – both occasions will have been blighted by Alan not being there.  We all wish him a very speedy and full recovery.

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