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Unfortunately this article didn’t make it into the Watford programme (great effort Adam by the way) but I am assured it will be in the Leeds issue.  Anyhow I thought I would reproduce it here, the latest news on our 100:400 drive.

100:400 update

Through the summer our 100:400 fund has been creeping up to the point where we are in touching distance of our goal, of raising £40,000 – money which will go directly to the playing budget.

At the time of writing we have had just a fraction under 95% of the total pledged, which equates to just under £38,000.  So we are very close.

This means two things.  First we now need to start turning the pledges into money.  Already about £15,000 has been collected but please it will help enormously if people can come forward to make their donations.

Secondly, whilst achieving the £40,000 mark will be a great result and a wonderful boost for everyone we won’t stop there and will look to carry on to make the fund as big as we can – so we can channel more funds into the playing budget.

Please don’t wait to be asked – come forward and contribute – it does directly influence what you will see on the park this season.

We are doing all we can through our commercial operation and through all other means to bring new funds into the Club but your individual contributions help no matter how big or small.  Remember 100:400 was set up to encourage 100 people to donate £400.  But we will accept donations of whatever level, whether £400, more or less.  It all helps and we are very grateful to everyone who has contributed.

Thanks for your continued support

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