Thanks for the memories

So after all the planning, all the anticipation, all the talk we are left with the memories – plenty of them and almost all good ones.

The Leeds game proved everything we hoped it would be, a great opportunity to showcase Wealdstone, Grosvenor Vale and the Social Club in front of a four figure crowd, the police, the council, the press etc.  And we rose to the challenge.  So many people deserve to be thanked but in particular Fingers and Ray Kemp who both marshalled their willing band of volunteers expertly.

And let’s not forget the squad of players who helped make it a night to remember for the Wealdstone people in the ground, not only by winning, but also with the quality of some of the football, particularly in the second half.

Hopefully the last two games will mean that some Watford and southern based Leeds fans will come back.  I certainly spoke to a number of Leeds fans who were impressed by our welcome and I think (hope) they will return.

Now we can put the ‘big’ games behind us and start preparing for the season, which starts in under 4 weeks.  And for those suitably enthused, we are doing a Leeds United on Saturday sending one 1st team squad to AFC Hayes and another to Enfield Town.

A final word to Jermaine.  I think he enjoyed coming back, he seemed happy, couldn’t sign enough autographs or pose for enough pictures and he generally seemed to go around with a smile on his face.  Whatever happens to him in the future he will always retain a special place in Wealdstone hearts.

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