The state of affairs

I wanted to update you on exactly where we are currently with the 100:400 initiative and the implications for this season’s finances at the club.  This is pertinent now given the start we have made to the season and also now that we know that we will not be receiving any bonus funds from a Jermaine Beckford transfer.

Firstly I am delighted at the response we have had to the 100:400 scheme that we launched at the end of last season. It was a huge ask for all of us to achieve the minimum target figure of £40,000 by the start of this season and it is fantastic that we are so close – as I write we are just over £1,000 short. So we only need around 3-4 more people to come forward and sign up to hit this initial target.

The absolute necessity of achieving this funding is that without it we would simply not be able to put the current team out on the park.  All the progress we made on the playing side last season would have counted for nothing. Even so we are still not able to compete with the majority of other clubs at our level and Gordon Bartlett continues to have his hands tied and remains frustrated by a lack of available finances.

The reality is that 100:400 helps to give us a workable base.  But it certainly hasn’t improved the playing budget; in fact people need to understand that our budget is significantly less than last season.

So this 100:400 money is absolutely vital. We will of course be continuing our efforts to raise income from commercial and other activities and some progress has been made but we all know how difficult the general economic climate is.

I will be very clear that we did not budget this season or have any expectation for any transfer monies from Jermaine’s possible transfer – it would have been irresponsible to have done so, even though it has been subject to widespread speculation.  However we are all aware that such a move would have transformed our finances and provided a massive boost.  As we know this will now not happen now, if ever and we must put those thoughts to the back of our minds.

What this ‘non-event’ shows is that we can only count on the things that we can control, prudent financial management, balancing our books and raising our own funds to enable us to continue to fund our exciting young team and push on to generate success on the pitch that we all crave.

So we must redouble our 100:400 efforts and continue our self-sufficiency. I have said before that the board will not spend money that we don’t have as we are not prepared to risk the long term future of the Club, at such an important time for the possibility of short term success.

If you would like to sign up for 100:400 see Jez Albert or Nick DuGard on match days or email or  Remember you don’t have to contribute the full £400 it can be less or more but all donations help our efforts to keep a competitive team out on the park and pushing for success. If you have previously pledged a contribution please now see Jez or Nick to confirm it.

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One thought on “The state of affairs”

  1. Hi from Leeds. Not sure if you’re allowed to reveal this kind of information, but what is the sell-on clause percentage that you agreed with Becks when we bought him from you?

    Best wishes, TSS.

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