Not a great draw…could have been worse

The FA Cup sprung into life at Arlesey last week with a tough game against a reasonable side.  I don’t think it was our best performance of the season by a long stretch yet the result was all important, as Gordon and others said, we dominated two games against Bedford last season but still went out of the Cup.

Monday’s eagerly awaited draw was disappointing and no doubt Boreham Wood will be looking forward to the game as much as we will.  We will also go into it without Charlie Mpi following the poor decision (was it influenced by the dubious antics of the Arlesey player?), to send off Charlie Mpi.  The look of horror on Charlie’s face in Steve Foster’s photo tells its own story. However, we will still go into the game knowing it is winnable – and let’s face it we have already won once at Meadow Park this season.

I think the prize money in the FA Cup has given the competition a different feel.  There is now always the undercurrent of how handy this money is or I’ve heard don’t the players realise whats at stake. In some respects this seems to have taken over from the thrill of a great cup run, the chance to draw the proverbial ‘big fish’ and the dream of television and widespread press coverage.  Perhaps that’s the age we live in. Undeniably the money is certainly handy, but it must be thought of as a bonus.  We do not budget for any meaningful cup success and I reckon you need to get to the 4th qualifying round at a minimum to make what I might describe as tangible additional income.
Don’t get me wrong I want the glory, the press attention and especially the financial rewards that a Cup run brings, but then so will Danny Hunter at Boreham Wood, and we both know that either club has the opportunity to progress and then with a decent 3rd qualifying round draw, who knows…

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