A great win…tinged

We should be delighted tonight. A great performance against a tough Canvey side, with 10 men for most of the game. Another successful display of grit, determination and the great spirit that many of our opponents are commending us about. We’re on a great run, 2nd in the table and long may it continue.

But, and it is a big but, the incident at the end of the game left a bitter taste for many of us.

I am not going to blame anyone, from Canvey or Wealdstone. The simple fact is it was almost impossible to say who was to blame for what happened. The actions of some of their players was unfortunate and those of one of their supporters unacceptable but there was clear provocation from some of our fans too. One individual in particular has been pointed out but we do not know his name. What is most depressing is that he was apparently screaming obscenities at one of their players as the game finished, even though there was a child standing with him.

The unsavoury fracas that followed, including apparently an 8 year old boy being pushed over and hurt in the melee, is simply unacceptable.

Let’s be clear about this. Anyone who thinks those sort of incidents have a place at our club are wrong. Whoever is to blame it takes two sides to make these things happen. And the big danger is that all we are trying to build up with local residents and the local community will fail.

When it had all finished there is no doubt it tarnished what otherwise would have been a celebration of a great win.

I do want to thank those in the crowd who tried to quiet things down – and I include several of our fans in that – but people need to be in no doubt we are serious about stopping this type of thing happening in the future. We will now be looking into getting a movable covered tunnel – this could be expensive and will take money away from where we want to spend it but what option do we have?

We have great plans and have already achieved much so lets not risk throwing it away. Now let’s get back to the football and the FA Cup next week.

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