A day of highs and lows

Writing this in a hotel room in Madrid where I spend too much of my time, we’ve had a day to remember today for very different reasons.

Firstly the good news.  Carl Martin’s transfer to Crewe Alexandra is great news for the player and for the Club.  For Carl, this is his dream, to be a professional footballer and he will be under the tutelage of one of the best coaches in game (well after Gordon) in Dario Gradi.

We’ve all known for many years how much ability Carl has and if he can steer clear of injury there is no doubt that he can make it as a pro.

For the Club we are delighted on several fronts.  Financially this is a good deal for us.  Our position was not quite as strong as in previous transfers as Carl is out of contract with us but Crewe have to pay a fee for compensation given Carl’s age and I believe they have been very fair with us.

Also this once again demonstrates how we develop youth.  Carl, like Jermaine and Marvin and Monty have been with us from when they were very young and with patience, support and good coaching they have all developed into players who can succeed in the football league.  This is a great message for the likes of Marvin McCoy, Kieran Forbes or Alan Massey – or other young players (like Jamie Osborne) who we might be looking at bringing in for the future.

However, the day ended on a low note when I heard about the sad passing of Ken Wiggins. Ken was a long standing die hard supporter known to many of us for several years.  He has been very ill in recent months and I know that Fingers and Peter Worby have kept him uptodate with what has been happening at the Club, as well as sending him the matchday programmes.  We will all miss him and we extend our condolences to Liz.

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