Feel the buzz

You can almost touch the excitement in the air at the moment.  It makes a change.  The crowds are up, the bar is full of people, the message board gets busier and busier.

We are so close to some big days.  BUT and it is a but, let’s not count any chickens just yet.

First of all the FA Cup, yes we have a great chance of getting to the First Round, for the first time in over 20 years, but before that we have a tough fixture next week at Aylesbury.  They will fancy it too, they are on a great run and will be well up for the game – so it will be tough and probably our toughest test yet.

Noone wants to tempt fate, least of all me so all talk of the First Round needs to be guarded around me – except there is masses to plan should we get through and should we get a home draw.  Fortunately we have some people looking now at the regulations.

But before Aylesbury we have two more important fixtures.  For some time I have been looking at just the next two games.  The FA Trophy also offers some important prize money and a chance of glory later on in the season.  We will be keen to progress on Saturday and keep the run going but it will be a tough game.  Then we play at Hornchurch in the league.  This could be our only league game in about 6 weeks if we keep winning in FA competitions.  So we will go there with a desire to win, although I think we have lost 1-0 in evening games in both of the last two seasons so let’s hope we can turn that around.

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