News re Dennis Byatt

This evening Andrew Lane and I met with Dennis Byatt to conclude the process of his redundancy from the role of Commercial Manager.

This is without doubt the hardest thing I’ve had to do at the Football Club.  I certainly didn’t get into this role to make people redundant.  It has happened to me before and I can appreciate the likely impact on Dennis and his family.

However, when in this role you have to be prepared to take the right decisions for the Football Club.  The simple fact is we do not believe the targets we set for income will come close to being achieved this season, and given this we cannot justify the cost of employing someone to carry out these duties.

This is not about Dennis, he is a good guy, a popular guy and someone you would like to have around the place.  It is about the position and the fact that for many reasons, selling a non league football team is very hard work at present, particularly in this economy where many of the companies you might hope will support you financially are themselves laying off people and cutting costs.

We have always been clear with Dennis that the only way we could afford to employ someone was if we believed we were going to see considerably more incremental income coming in as a result of having someone in that position.  This means not just more income than his basic salary, but also more than the amount we could expect to raise ourselves.  So it was always a tough ask.

Perversely of course income remains our priority.  But we need to find a more cost efficient and a different way of organising ourselves.  This we are doing now and will announce soon.

Dennis will always be welcome at Wealdstone Football Club, and I hope that when the pain subsides he will not be a stranger.  He leaves us with his dignity in tact, with his popularity high and with our best wishes for the future and I genuinely thank him for all he has done for the Club over the last 18 months or so.

I hope people reading this post understand that sometimes tough and difficult decisions have to be taken for the good of the Club.  I will be happy to explain our plans further at the Supporters Club AGM on 9 November.

In the meantime let’s get the focus back on Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “News re Dennis Byatt”

  1. One of the saddest things I think I’ve read about the Stones but the reasons are totally understandable. Dennis is a Wealdstone legend and always will be and it’s painful that he’s not been able to replicate his success on the pitch in both a managers role at the club and also in a commercial role. I hope he remains a supporter and we see him on the terraces at the Vale despite the circumstances. He’ll always be a hero in our eyes.

  2. sad news indeed,used to love watching Dennis and my favourite player Paul Bowgett together at the back for the wishes for the future

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