Relief…and maybe a little celebration

I wasn’t sure what I was watching at just after 10 past 3.  I wasn’t the only one.

But before looking forward let’s first pay tribute to the boys for a marvelous comeback and an excellent 4-2 win.  But also we should say well done to Aylesbury, I hope they enjoyed their day as they have been a credit to their club and to the Spartan League.  Spare a thought for Greg – one moment, reacting to being wound up by Mark Boyce has cost him an appearance in the First Round of the FA Cup.  We know what Greg is like, even the song says what a nice man he is and he will be missed.

Anyway, onto the future.  23 years of pain – many of our younger followers will have read of the saga that was the 3 trips to Swansea for the replay.  For Gordon, it will be the monkey off his back.  For all he has achieved his FA Cup record has been lamentable so this can now be put to bed.

For all us now, all eyes will be the draw (live at 1.00pm on ITV).  For once we can look forward and have those discussions over who we would like, a glamour tie against the likes of Leeds, Southampton, Norwich or Charlton or Sutton United away?

For me any Football League side would be great.  I’m not greedy – though if it could be the ‘live’ televised fixture that would be good too. That said it is out of out hands and we will take whoever we get and do our best.  Can we start dreaming of what 2 more wins will mean?

It is a night to dream and why not.  Being involved with a Club like Wealdstone means we have had our share of hard times and disappointments but over the years we have also had plenty of great days.  We avoided a disappointment today and let’s hope another great day awaits in 2 weeks time.

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