When 5 becomes 8

OK let’s get this bit over – we should have been out of sight on first half chances alone yet credit Harrow for their second half performance, and especially Rocky Baptiste who clearly has ‘still got it’, however whether we were not clinical enough we had the game won at 90 minutes and crucially we had the game won on 95 minutes – we just didn’t have it won on 98.

I don’t normally come on here and have a go at referees, but perhaps the crucial incident in yesterdays game was when the original ref Mr Mackay had to go off with an injury at half time.  His replacement, Mr Kitchen, etched his name in Wealdstone – Harrow Borough folklore for all the wrong reasons – at least from a Wealdstone perspective.

Let’s get this straight, 5 minutes of injury time was signalled and announced (and even this I thought a little harsh to be honest).  When Rocky ballooned a free kick over the bar as the clock ticked past 95 minutes I expected the whistle to blow as Sean took the goal kick. But on he played and on.  When the final whistle went we had played over 8 minutes of stoppage time.  My recollection of the additional 5 minutes was that there was no real stoppages, no substitutions, bookings or anything.  So why signal 5 minutes and play 8.  Certainly it was not a game that deserved 8 minutes injury time.

To my mind the referee has materially affected this game, and could have cost us £3,000.  I have no complaints about how he handled the rest of the second half but getting timekeeping right should be the easiest thing.  I’d love to know what he was thinking after the 95th minute – was his watch running?

However cheated we feel there is nothing we can do about it.  We must look ahead and deal with the game on Tuesday (and hopefully win)  before focusing on Sunday. Hopefully there will be another ‘big’ Grosvenor Vale crowd and one that is noisy and gets behind the home team.

Let’s hope the ref remembers to look at his watch this time (unless we are one goal behind).

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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