Now we can focus on Sunday

The run continues in anything but convincing style, but credit Harrow who are clearly are more determined outfit than what we saw last year.  But we are through and can look forward to an intriguing game at Zamaretto League leaders Farnborough Town in a few weeks time.  I also think we should credit our own players.  This was a tricky tie which we could have easily lost given the excitement of the FA Cup but without playing at our best we’ve come through, won a bit more prize money and march on.

But with the FA Trophy now put to one side us we can now fully focus on this weekend’s big events.  Ticket sales are going very well.  We will make an announcement later today but we reckon there are less than 600 tickets remaining.  The advice is buy in advance.

The FA Cup really is something else.  The press interest is like nothing else and with Nick Dugard we have been compiling a list of expected press and media people which so far is up to about 30 people including television, radio and newspapers.  There will be more yet.

There is also plenty of press activity going on with the national press including the Times, the Guardian and the Daily Star so far, local radio (in South Yorkshire as well as London) and local newspapers.  We are trying to get a number of the players involved and will try and get as many links published on our website or through the WFC Forum.

One really interesting media request has come from an independent website promoting the FA Cup called, a site written by fans that has taken off and is now getting thousands of hits per week and has featured on the Guardian’s ‘Favourite Things’.  We were delighted to hear that Wealdstone v Rotherham won a vote as the tie for them to feature in the 1st round and as the people behind this site are ‘real fans’ they have even bought tickets for Sunday rather than request any complimentaries. We expect previews of the game including an interview with one of our players to go up on Friday.

We are also trying to arrange for BBC London to film at training on Thursday night so keep an eye out on the Friday and Saturday local tv news.  ITV sport will also be very much in evidence as one of at least 3 camera crews on Sunday.

Masses of work going on – please keep an eye on the website and forum re ticket news and any other important news like car parking.

Let’s all enjoy the next few days, we’ve waited long enough.


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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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