There is some honour in football

Amidst all the furore surrounding the Thierry Henry goal for France this week I am pleased to report that at Ryman Premier League level honour and fair play seems alive and well.

I received a call yesterday from the Cray Wanderers chairman Gary Hillman, following our game on Tuesday night.

He wanted to apologise to me / Wealdstone for the actions of their player Scott Kinch that led to Rob Fitzgerald retaliating and seeing red.  He told me that his Board had held a meeting the previous night and Kinch’s action had clearly been seen by some of their officials.  Gary told me that they were taking appropriate action against Kinch as his behaviour was deemed unacceptable and he offered to speak on Rob’s behalf if we were planning to appeal against the sending off.  I thanked him and replied that it seems pretty clear that Rob did raise his hands, and whatever the provocation it is highly unlikely we could get his red card reversed.

So I want to thank Gary for making the call.  It was a tempestous match at times on Tuesday and the sending offs were an unfortunate incident which was clearly unnecessary. Especially considering the manner in which Cray lost the match many people might not have made the same call.

One interesting question is what action would we take if one of our players was sent off for spitting at an opponent?  I hope we would do the right thing but let’s hope we never have to find out.


One thought on “There is some honour in football”

  1. I have not seen the eventual outcome of this commented on elsewhere: Cray’s “appropriate action” against Kinch was to release (i.e. sack) him.

    “Club officials had confirmed tonight that former Tonbridge Angels midfielder Kinch had been released following an disgusting spitting incident during the unlucky 3-2 defeat at Wealdstone seven days ago.”

    This response is particularly commendable given Cray’s position near the foot of the table, needing all their resources to avoid possible relegation.

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