Harry O should be interesting tomorrow

I will be interested to read the Harrow Observer tomorrow.

We’re expecting two very interesting stories, one particularly positive involving a very famous son of Wealdstone and one less so involving the someone connected with our friends in South Harrow.

I won’t say more now until we see what Tim prints

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One thought on “Harry O should be interesting tomorrow”

  1. After their brilliant coverage of the club before and after the Rotherham game, it’s quite unbelievable that the Harrow Observer would publish an article like this based on an unsubstantiated comment in a blog by David Howell.

    And as for Howell, for him to claim he’s been the victim of abuse about his deceased brother from our fans for the past 25 years is quite frankly, insulting. Not just to Wealdstone, but to the memory of his brother. To use his name to blatantly tell lies about Stones fans beggars belief.

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