Saturday cancellations add up

The weather once again did its worse to stop yesterday’s game against Billericay going ahead.  So yet another Saturday home league match is lost.

By my calculations we have lost four home Saturday fixtures so far this season, either through our excellent Cup success (acceptable) or the weather (unacceptable but not much we can do about it).  Each Saturday game lost costs us. We have to expect that the crowds for the rearranged midweek matches will be considerably smaller than the number that would turn up on a Saturday, match sponsors, mascots and any juniors activities may not be able to support the rearranged game and as a knock-on from this the social club loses valuable income over the bar.

Of course when the snow falls and the ice freezes there is not much we can do about it.  When it rains we do what we can to make the pitch playable but even then we have to consider the impact that playing will have not wishing to ruin the pitch for the many weeks hence (remember we have reserves and U18s also using it).  We do not forget that the Ruislip pitch used to be just about the worse in Middlesex, so the care that Fingers and Adam (the groundsman) lavish on the pitch is important as we want to try and provide a decent playing surface throughout the season, not just in the autumn.

Ultimately of course it is the referee who actually calls the game off not us but we reach Christmas having played only 15 league games, with just 7 of those at home.  This means Alan Couch especially has been kept very busy with most of the Tuesdays between now and Easter now full.

Another hidden cost is the carrying over of suspensions. Rob Fitzgerald’s 4 game ban incurred for an incident on 17 November now finishes next Saturday (26 December) at Ashford rather than yesterday.  When Alan Massey picked up his 5th booking recently to be suspended for the Ashford game at least we could take solace in Rob coming back but this is another problem we will have to deal with.  All the best laid plans…

So with the New Year on the horizon let’s hope that all the rain of the wettest November and the ice and snow of the freezing December will all be behind us.  But with British weather who knows what is in store.

Happy holidays!

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