So that’s that then

News today that Jermaine will be staying at Leeds for the rest of the season ends all the “will he won’t he” speculation that has been going on over the last couple of weeks.

I think when I last wrote on the subject that I suggested the ‘inside information’ that we had, such that it was, was that a move was unlikely this transfer window.

Reading between the lines I suspect there has been considerable interest but I am guessing that Leeds and Newcastle have been someway away from agreeing a price and therefore the chance of a deal being done was mainly press speculation and never really likely.

I have always said that whatever was to happen was always completely out of our hands so we were never going to spend any money before it arrived.  Actually I was getting quite concerned by the number of people talking about our sell-on clause.  In one respect we have had an opportunity for some more great publicity on various radio stations and a number of national press articles but on the other hand I could just imagine what players (current and future) would make about us receiving such sums of money – it could have caused almost as many problems as it solved!

Anyway it appears that it will not be happening. Perhaps he will sign a new contract in the summer after scoring the goals that take Leeds back into the Championship, perhaps he move for a free.

Whatever happens, we will continue to be very proud of what Jermaine Beckford, a player who learnt the game at Wealdstone, has achieved as a professional footballer.

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