Spare a thought for Maidstone

Our own long struggles to find a home and to progress as a Club are not dissimilar to those other Stones from Kent, Maidstone United.

Under the astute leadership of Chairman Paul Bowden Brown, Maidstone were reborn and climbed their way back through junior and county football into the Ryman Premier League, all the time desperately searching for a permanent home in their town.

So as we continue to seize on any scrap about Jermaine and wonder what, if anything will happen at Leeds, Maidstone are watching their own young star, Chris Smalling, achieve his dream move from Fulham to Manchester United for a fee reported to be around £7m.

Imagine having a 20% sell-on clause for that deal!

I don’t know the details but I understand that because the player was considered a schoolboy he was not on a contract with Maidstone, so they could not get Fulham to agree a sell-on clause.

So we have one ex Ryman player moving with no sell-on and we have our ex Ryman player potentially moving, with a sell-on for nothing.

Who says life is fair?

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