A good day today

A quick update on today’s meetings – it’s been a long day.

This lunchtime Peter Worby and Paul Rumens accompanied me to the Stanmore HQ of KSIMC, our landlords.  We had a very encouraging meeting which carried on over lunch.

We are due to meet again on 9 March at Ruislip to discuss various possibilities. Let’s hope this is the start of proper and frequent conversations leading to a long term agreement. I am encouraged by our discussions but I think we all know there is a long way to go.

This evening Peter and Leo this time came with me to Ruislip Manor Library to attend a meeting of the local residents association. Although we were expecting the worse, in terms of complaints about parking and noise we were to be surprised, as in general the residents were very complimentary about what we have achieved so far wished us every success in the future.

It is important we have a working relationship with the residents that we can develop in the future so that when we are in a position to invest in the site we do so with their support. Again this is an investment in a long term plan which I think is very important to our future.

A good day.


Big day tomorrow

We have two very important meetings tomorrow.

Believe it or not, we finally have a meeting with our freeholders KSIMC. Paul, Peter and I will be going to their Stanmore HQ to meet with them and follow that with lunch. We are not necessarily expecting any decisions tomorrow but it will be important to try and get some commitment for ongoing discussion.

Then in the evening Leo and I are going to a meeting in Ruislip with our local residents association. This is the first time we have appeared in front of them and it is an opportunity to begin to forge a relationship here as well. That said, I respectfully understand that they will have issues they will want to raise with us, so we will doing probably more listening than talking.

I see quite a bit of similarity between the two meetings, both are important and having got the opportunity to get in front of these groups we don’t want either to be one-offs.

More tomorrow

All quiet on the blog front

A combination of work pressures, football pressures and PC problems at home have meant not much action on the blog front.  So apologies.

First thing to say is I am increasingly tweeting so you can follow me at @howiejk if you sign in to Twitter.  I will continue to tweat more including bringing WFC news – it is much easier to do than blog but I will still blog when I can.

Disappointing tonight not to get the game on but given today’s deluge not much that we can do. Given QPR was off just up the road we can’t be too surprised that Grosvenor Vale was off. We are looking at what work we can do to the pitch to improve drainage for next season, but that won’t be until next season.

We will confirm the AGM date shortly – hopefully it will be Tuesday 23 March.

Big day tomorrow and I will put details of that in the next post