Players and their promises

I always enjoy hearing the excuses players give you when they don’t sign.

We’ve spoken to a few players recently at other clubs – all done properly and above board – yet none of them have come. Usually the same old story – money, or apparent lack of it.

One player in particular made me smile or wince or frown or whatever this weekend. I won’t name him but see if you can work it out.

We went after a striker at a club not a million miles from us. The player was highly sort after and there was a transfer fee that would be required, which with the generous support from the Supporters Club we met and duly agreed with his then club.

Gordon spent a considerable amount of time trying to sell Wealdstone to the player, I also spoke to him. He came to Ruislip for a meeting and was always very courteous and polite.

But he was never going to come – he wanted to play at a higher level and to be honest we didn’t even get as far as discussing wages. We knew he spoke to a Blue Square South side and then a Blue Square Premier side.  He played for Carshalton Athletic in the Ryman Premier on Saturday in their 0-0 draw against Hendon.

How does that work? So much for wanting to play at a higher league, in fact he’s gone into a relegation battle at a Club on its third manager of the season and in the bottom 4. And we were not even given the chance to compete on wages – not that we would have done of course.

Fortunately not all players are like that, but it can drive you mad.

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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One thought on “Players and their promises”

  1. Er, yes, I think I know who that particular player is!

    It amazes me that he has ended up where he has – he had a contract offer from the Blue Square Premier side who spoke to him, yet turned that down because the money wasn’t right! He got the opportunity to play full-time at the top of the non-league game and rejected it. Words fail me…

    What happened to ambition?

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