We gave it everything

By the time you get to penalties you know someone has to lose. This time it was us. Seeing Ashey haul his exhausted frame towards the penalty area didn’t fill me with much confidence. The trouble is that when you get to that point of a match you want the players who say they are up for it to take the penalties and we didn’t have too many.

The referee was poor – no question. To my mind he didn’t seem even handed, was inconsistent and harsh. Make no mistake it cost us as our players, like Ashey had to work extra hard to cover for Kieron and Jimmy. That would have played a part in the tiredness so apparent in the penalty shoot out.

But we lost, we ended up with nothing – except pride in a great effort and fantastic support.

The season is far from dead and it can easily turn this Saturday against Maidstone, depending on who is still standing of course.

One good bit of news on the playing front is that we have convinced Callum to sign a contract which commits him to the Club for the rest of this season and all of next. It’s only a month or so ago that Callum was struggling to get through 90 minutes. This week he has played 2 1/2 games. With a summer getting stronger and fitter and full pre-season I hope we will see a top striker next season.

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