There is nothing like a good debate about kit

On Tuesday evening we had the football club AGM. We had a very good turnout and covered much ground as we tried to set out the many things of what is going on at the Club.

Yet unless I’ve missed something the only subject (literally the only subject) to get an airing on the WFC Forum is the potential orange away kit that we displayed.

If I know anything about kit it is that if you show three people a new kit you get three different views. The feedback we got on Tuesday was helpful and informative. We haven’t made a final decision so I cannot say whether or not we will definitely go orange.

No doubt some will criticise us for sharing the kit samples at all but it’s better to be open as a rule and get some opinions.

However, listening to the debate and reading the comments there are some myths around this subject. Let’s remember the replica kit that most of our people buy is the home kit – the yellow kit has not been a big seller though it is quite popular, and the Argentina kit is proving popular with the Junior club as they purchase some second kits.  The decision on which 2nd or 3rd kit we have is not made with replica sales as a main determinant.

I also remember that when we launched the blue kit we copped plenty of criticism about getting rid of the quarters yet this blue kit has undoubtedly been very popular.

Anyway we have some time yet and we will consider the best decision for the Club and then let everyone know.

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Originally a blog by a football club chairman, then focused on horse racing, now the random musings of someone who occasionally has something to say. Thanks for joining the conversation

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One thought on “There is nothing like a good debate about kit”

  1. Hi Howard,

    I was very disappointed to read/hear of the possible change to Orange away kit. I grew up in a very Irish Harrow during the 1970’s, attended Salvatorian College (Green blazer, 99% Irish at the time) , etc and personally experienced a violent backlash against anything Irish/Catholic as a result of the Troubles/IRA bombing. For me, Orange signifies hatred, bigotry, and not to be asociated with my football club.

    Patrick O’Neill,
    Perth, WA

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