Derby disappointment

It had to happen, we’ve had a great run against Harrow and sooner or later they were going to beat us. Just a shame it had to be today and in today’s circumstances.

Let’s be frank we should have had the game won before half time, Greg’s chance, Spendy and Kieron both getting in behind the defence and failing to find a Wealdstone player, Jimmy’s header off the line plus a series of other decent opportunities. And yet in the 4th minute of 1st half stoppage time they equalise and, as events were to prove, the game was changed.

We simply didn’t turn up second half. Mick Fishman next me said early on in the second half how Harrow looked so much sharper since the interval. No excuses, we simply didn’t or couldn’t respond. I struggle to think of many players who can hold their heads up and say they played well, with the honourable exception of the excellent Marvin McCoy.

To me football, when you boil it down, is very simple. If you take your chances you will probably win. We had enough chances to make the second half comfortable.

Someone said to me today that if we do not make the play-offs – and the chances of this have risen considerably after today – then the fact that not one of our strikers has got to 10 goals must be a major contributor. They may well be right.

I think it is up to the playing staff to pick themselves up now. This season could fizzle out quickly if we do not find the fight and resolution that we have shown at other times this season. We are good enough to bounce back but it will take a big mental effort. We can start to put it right on Wednesday against Margate, see you there.

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