Anticipation grows ahead of season finale

What a couple of weeks.

I’ve wanted to post on here all week but when to find the time? In the last fortnight we have played 6 games (7th today), had Gordon’s testimonial dinner and a board meeting. My car is on auto pilot to Ruislip at present.

So a brief note now and I’ll try and do more after the game today or tomorrow.

We all know what’s at stake today. Win against Carshalton, and one other result goes for us, and we are in the play-offs. Can we raise one more great effort?  I really think we are succeeding despite so much against us. The players are running on exhaust fumes, injuries are not surprisingly taking their toll (Callum, Ebay, Dean Smith, Jimmy are at least 4 who haven’t been available). It is simply strength of character and determination which is carrying us through.

One more effort today boys, and then one more on Tuesday (hopefully) and then one final one next Saturday?

I said to Gordon after the Horsham game that I felt 7 points would do it. It might not be enough, but if we do win then taking 10 points from the last 4 games will have been a phenomenal effort and a great reaction to losing to Aveley. And Matt McClure take a bow.

But let’s not get carried away just yet. I doubt Carshalton will come and lie down for us and they have already beaten us once this season.

Anyway, excitement growing and kick off just 3 hours away. Hoping for a big crowd with the sun out and the support likely to continue at the intensity it has been at the last few games. More of the same today please.

I’ll blog later or tomorrow. I hope it’s a happy one. See you for the big one soon.

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