Marvin is the real McCoy

Sorry for the pun

Delighted for Marvin McCoy today that he became the latest Wealdstone player to make it into the pro game.

We had some robust discussions with Wycombe Wanderers today and I was pleased we were able to agree a deal, pleased because it meant Marvin could make the move he wanted, pleased because it kept our good relationship with Wycombe in tact and pleased because we stood up for what we deserved and achieved what we wanted.

Some people may know that this has not been the smoothest transfer. Unfortunately, unlike in other transfers where we have worked hand in hand with the player to help them achieve what they wanted (and our track record on this is getting better all the time), Marvin’s agent largely took matters out of our hands. Agents, don’t you love them, especially at our level of the game.

Anyway, the deal is done, and we wish Marvin all the best. Who will be the next one off the WFC conveyor belt?

Incidentally apologies that it has taken some time to get any official word from the Club on this today. Nick is on holiday and this is the first chance I’ve had to blog. The press release should appear on the club website sometime soon.

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